Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Legit?

Yes. We were on Techcrunch, Yahoo, Aztechbeat, partnered with This Week In Startups, Mastercard and our moms vouch for us.

How Does Ordering Work?

Simply shoot us an email and we'll get back to you within 24 hours to chat about your business and term parameters.

Why Is this So Cheap?

We're entrepreneurs and understand the impetous to skimp on legal protections. So we wanted to offer a service that caters to new websites, entrepreneurs, and people who want their terms to reflect their site. Streamlining the process from top to bottom, we are able to offer our service at an affordable price.

Why is this so expensive?

We take it you may not have had to hire a lawyer before. In comparison to drafting the terms yourself, yes it may seem expensive. But how much is your time and peace of mind worth? Most law firms would charge 3 to 5 times the amount we do, and may not have experience in drafting terms like we do. Our lawyers have drafted thousands of terms, and keep up with the changes in the law daily.

Did you guys buy your law degrees from third world countries?

No, we bought them off a guy who said they fell off the back of a truck. No seriously we went to law schools in the United States and did well.

Why don't you have a phone number?

We hate phones. No seriously, we hate phones. In order to provide services at low low costs we must limit support options. Unlike traditional law firms, we do not have a fleet of assistants who answer calls and emails. We do it ourselves because we are the ones who will be handling your terms. So, we apologize but we are not able to accept phone calls at this time.

What if I have 5 billion questions about terms and privacy?

In that case, you'll probably want to hire a full-service law firm.

We have other questions about our site that don't pertain to terms/privacy!

See above.

What if my product/service targets children under 13?

You'll definitley want to speak with an attorney who handles COPPA law. COPPA stands for "Childrens' Online Privacy Protection Act."

What countries do you work with?

Ones above us, ones that are upside-down, ones that like tea and many many others, just ask if you're not sure.

What package is right for me?

This is a tough one. We would love to be able to lump every single site into a definitive category but that's impossible. If your site accepts payments then you will obviously need terms that reflect that. If your site uses Facebook's developer platform then you will most likely require custom terms. Just get in touch; we'll chat and figure it out.

Can I see samples of your work?

No. For obvious reasons we do not give out samples of what we've done. While we're sure no one is crazy enough to copy-pasta terms that we've done, there are a few people who we've had our eye on. So, no, we do not give out samples for many reasons. We do have plenty of happy customers and a money back guarantee. Speaking of which...

What's this money back guarantee thing?

If you don't like the terms (for legitimate reasons — i.e., not because you saw a squirrel and it was red and that means you have to dislike everything for a day) we can refund the money, but only for legitimate concerns determined on a case by case basis. But you cannot use any part of the terms and privacy and we monitor sites to make sure people don't try and score free terms. We will take severe action against anyone who tries this. All that said, we've never had to refund money because someone didn't like their terms.

It's been 5 days, where is my order?

Unless you order the 3 business day rush, and no weekends or holidays have fallen in between that time, just hold your horses. If it gets to around day 10 (10 business days) and you haven't seen them, then let us know.

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