Why Us?

"I thought I had my bases covered with the typical Terms, Privacy Policy and Disclaimers you get from the wordpress plugins that generate them for your sites but after sitting down with the lawyers at Snapterms.com, I realized exactly how bad I was risking not only my online assets but my personal assets too. Thankfully, they were there to right my course and now I can rest easy knowing I'm protected no matter what comes at me."
~ Pasha Stewart, layeredlinks.com

Aaron Kelly's Snapterms has been featured in major media outlets

Snapterms is made by Legal entrepreneurs for business entrepreneurs.

As legal entrepreneurs, we understand your desire to avoid litigation nightmares that can relentlessly haunt your business.

Aaron Kelly's Snapterms

Naturally, you want to give your clients peace of mind. You want them to know that the information they give you will stay safe and secure. Plus, you want to indemnify yourself to frivilous litigation and ensure your terms don't have a loophole that some troll could exploit.

Snapterms is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs, like you, who don't want to copy and paste another website's terms of service and/or privacy policy (which, by the way, IS copyright infringement — not cool) or shell out big bucks to an expensive law firm.

Snapterms embraces all kinds of websites from startups to online retail stores all across the planet.

The terms of service and privacy policies Snapterms provides are written by an actual attorney, Aaron Kelly, and tailored to your site.

We don't use a cookie-cutter approach and do a simple find and replace using a generic template. We know your website is unique and your terms and privacy policy should be too.

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We Understand Cost Concerns

We understand you don't want your bank account to suffer excessive bleeding by hiring a billable-hour lawyer. That's why Snapterms offers a variety of solutions to fit your budget as a fee-for-service and not at an astronomical hourly rate.

If, for some reason, you aren't happy with us, let us know. We offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Spend Time Building Your Business

Realistically speaking, do you really want to take the time to learn and untangle the web of laws and regulations governing the Internet? Do you have the patience to take a terms of service or privacy policy template for your website and try to force fit what your site is all about into that template?

Save Money. Protect Your Website.

By choosing Snapsurance, you can rest easier knowing that your website is legally protected. If you find yourself in legal trouble involving your terms from us, Snapsurance guarantees two hours of attorney consultation, FREE!

We'll Support You

Don't be afraid to ask any questions. We're here to make things easy. Snapterms also don't disappear after you order, we're around for the long haul and value our customers.

Lawyer Safe

Snapterms will not outsource your terms to a content factory halfway around the globe or use generic templates. Your terms will be written by an actual Internet lawyer in plain English — no confusing legal jargon.

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